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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning. >> president obama gets ready to make his case for the u.s. role in libya. today's speech to the nation comes as libyan rebels go on the offensive. japan rattled by another earthquake as the credibility gap widens in confusing statements about that criminalled nuclear plant. and back here at h final four final four bound. virginia commonwealth gets ready for another wild week after another march madness stunner. good morning. we begin with libya where rebel forces are advancing on the capital tripoli this morning. >> and there's an unconfirmed report they've already taken moammar gadhafi's hometown which
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is a government stronghold, the rebels are benefitting from they air strikes by the international coalition. >> and tonight, president obama tells the american people why the u.s. thread effort. abc's emily schmidt joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: peggy and rob good morning to you. this is now day ten of the no-fly zone over libya. president obama plans to address the nation tonight about libya. he's expected to say the u.s. acted quickly to void catastrophe. libyan rebels say the actions a. rebels advance more than 350 miles over the weekend on a march towards tripoli that includes moammar gadhafi's hometown. >> never again. >> reporter: rebels tried this path before but were pushed back, now, they have the backing of nato which announced yesterday it's taking over coalition military operations.
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>> nato in commence or aspect of the u.n. resolution, nothing more. nothing less. >> reporter: nature those increased role means u.s. will hand over control. defense secretary robert gates says military missions are are to a very long extent are completed. >> i think we have prevented the large-scale slaughter that was beginning to to take place, has taken place in some cases. >> reporter: critics say it's mixed messages. >> on one hand, they say it's humanitarian, on another and, they say gadhafi has to go. >> gadhafi has to go. the president has been consistent on that and how gadhafi goes will be really up to mr. hg now. >> many in congress have called for a u.s. explanation of its policy in libya and its costs. this week they're going to get a classified briefing it will come from secretary of state clinton and defense secretary gates. >> emily schmidt reporting from washington. remember, abc news will have live coverage of the president's
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address anchored by diane sawyer that begins at 7:30 eastern. and turning to japan this morning where a flag tud 6.5 earthquake triggered a tsunami alert in the hard-hit northeast. but the danger didn't pass pretty soon. here's the latest now. over the weekend we saw new pictures of that shattered fukushima nuclear plant. we also got confusing reports of just how much damage there is. the utility eye company sparked panic with a report that water inside one reactor had spiked to 10 million times the normal radiation level. that was later restrakted. today, officials say that radio active iodine has now spread a mile farther north in the ocean near that plant. and that fallout is not confined to the pacific rim. experts in massachusetts say they have found tiny amounts of radiation there in rain water on the atlantic coast but not nudge to be danger us. and 32 years ago today the
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united states suffered its worst nuclear accident on three mile island. >> it changed profoundly the future of nuclear energy just as japan's diaster letter likely change it. >> reporter: the partial meltdown at three mile island back in 1979 had a crippling effect on the u.s. nuclear power program. since then not a single new plant has been ordered in the united states. that changed last year. president obama announced that his administration would put more than $8 billion in federal loan guarantees towards america's first nuclear power plant in 30 years. >> to meet our growing energy needs and to prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we'll need to increase supply of nu supply of nuclear power. >> reporter: in the quake of japan, president obama and experts have expressed confidence. they say u.s. power plants are safe. new polling on the sharp decline in the percentage of americans who support building new nuclear plants. so far, that fear has not spread
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to capitol hill. law makes are certainly waging concerns but nuclear energy still has bipartisan support. >> i'm not persuaded that nuclear power should be deleted from the list of options that we look at. >> i wouldn't if i were the president, sign an executive order to freeze all construction of nuclear plants as the president froze all drilling in the gulf coast after the disaster down there. >> reporter: right now, there are 104 nuclear reactors across the united states. these facilities account for just 20% of the nation's electricity. far less than countries like japan and france. nuclear power there makes up 70% of the total electrical output. and developing nations such as china and india are moving quickly to catch up.chinese are currently building 100 new reactors. last year, president obama said the u.s. cannot afford to fall behind as america fails to invest in alternative energy sources like nuclear power it will mean lost jobs and higher costs for american consumers. rob and peggy. >> all right.
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in other news, officials don't know why a sailboat capsized in san diego bay late yesterday afternoon. two men drowned and at least seven other people were thrown into the water. harbor police and firefighters and coast guard arrived. also, seven woodstock, ontario, residents are now missing. and authorities hope they weren't home when an explosion leveled their apartment building. police and firefighters still have not been able to go in and look for victims just yet. but they'd say they'd be surprised if there aren't any fatalities. now for this morning's weather from around the nation. strong storms in florida, laef downpours, large hail from miami up to jacque. rain and showers from home ma what to kansas city. a foot of snow in the north rockies. showers in the pacific northwest. >> 82 in 15 knicks mostly 30s from fargo to detroit. 42 here in new york.
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57 in atlanta and near 80 in the big easy. and coming up, a member of president obama's inner circle could soon be joining the team at facebook. that's straight ahead in your business news. and the world's largest retailer is right in the middle of a big battle set for the supreme court this week. details for what's at stake for walmart, when we come back.
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welcome back. overseas markets are mixed to start the week.
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tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.6% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow rose 362 points last week. the nasdaq climbed nearly 100. >> the first u.s. auto factory to shut down because of a disaster in japan is reopening today. general motors is resumed production at its pickup plant in shreveport, louisiana. it had been idled because of shortage of parts from japan. gm is monitoring the situation in that country to determine if it needs to shut down other plants as well. now, not great news for social security recipients. they should not expect to get any bigger checks next year. it will also be the third straight year without an increase. former white house press secretary robert gibbs may go from speaking for president obama to speaking for mark zuckerberg. gibbs is said to be in talks now with facebook about a new job.
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"the new york times" reports gibbs would help the company manage its communications ahead of its planned initial public offering. well "wimpy kid" didn't get pushed around. "the second diary of a wimpy kid" took the top spot taking in 24 million bucks and beat out "sucker punch account "which opened second. third place, the movie "limitless." when we come back a dramatic rescue in the utah mountains. and the chi wildcats are headed for the final four next weekend. the college hoops highlights after another wild weekend coming up. [ woman ] thursday! finally! dinner with the girls tonight. i really want dessert. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women who eat breakfast, like the special k breakfast, actually weigh less.
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taking pristiq with nset pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life threatening condition. pristiq may cause or worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or glaucoma. tell your doctor if you have heart disease, or before you reduce or stop taking pristiq. side-effects may include nausea, dizziness and sweating. for me, pristiq is a key in helping me treat my depression. side-effects may include nausea, dizziness and sweating. the mississippi river has risen more than 5 feet in the past few days. and has taken over part of downtown st. paul.
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melting snow is being blamed following one of the twin city's snowiest winters on record. now for a look at morning road conditions on monday. wet on i-75 from tampa to fot myers. i-95 from miami to jacksonville. and the carolinas, rain slick on i-70 around kansas city. ice and snow from rapid city to spokane. also icy on i-15. 70 and 80 in the rockies. wet on i-5 from seattle to portland. >> and if you're flying, let's take a look at airport-related weather delay. they are in salt lake city and miami. in other news now. the supreme court is now one day away from weighing in on what could be the largest class action suit ever. retail giant walmart is accused of discriminating against female employee. those workers, both past and present, may stand to gain billions of dollar. more from linsey davis. >> reporter: chris, an assistant manager at sam's club and single mother of two says she's about
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to make history. >> it's crazy. i would never have thought that me personally would ever have made it to the supreme court. >> reporter: she's been employed by walmart for almost 25 years, and is one of six named plaintiffs who filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against forward against the nation's largest employer. >> we're not going after them because they're big. we're going after them because they're wrong. >> reporter: the retail giant argued that the class action lawsuit would represent more women than the active duty personnel in the army, navy, air
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force, marines and coast guard combined. >> the plaintiffs in this case want to lump over 1.5 million women who work for walmart in the case, even many who have had positive experiences. >> it's an enormously important case because it gets to the heart of whether women as a group will be able to have the resources to go against big employers. >> reporter: this case is ten years in the making. and now it's up to the supreme court to decide if it will proceed as a class action. if it does go forward, it's not the supreme court that will ultimately hear it. but this case could have a huge impact on employers much smaller than walmart. linsey davis, abc ththththththt
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media provides a skewed view of reality that makes them they don't measure up. they say too much time online can also cut into a child's sleep, homework and their physical activity. well, on to march madness, espn says of the nearly 6 million blanket entries on its online tournament, only two picked the right final score. >> right. butler and uconn booked their place on sad. details on the last two teams to advance now from espn news. good morning. i'm adnan virk. the final four is set for next saturday as the final games in the elite eight wraps up on sunday. the morris twins, shaka is smart. boom, bradford and to brandon rozelle, up looking for answers.
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elliott by 14 at the half. then in the second half, taylor, nice baseline drive in scoring off the glass. kansas with under four to go, joey rodriguez underneath. great pass up top. 71-61. vcu advanced. second half, north carolina score by five. harrison barnes, barnes for the three-point play. north carolina down by two. score tied 67-67. a huge shot by brandons are nice. he adds 22. and marshall is blocked by deandre liggins. kentucky wins. they will take on uconn. you're up to date for now. don't forget your highlights. join us on "highlight express."
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and britney spears, fans lined up around the corner for a performance taped on "good morning america." >> we can't give away too much of what went down. we can say that spears performed from her new album femme fatale. and a poisonous cobra has vanished from new york's bronx zoo. went missing friday afternoon. >> zoo officials have closed the reptile house where he lives. they say, though, they're confident the snake is hiding somewhere inside and that he'll come out as soon as he's hungry or thirsty. that's comforting. until then, the only danger is disappointment. up next, the stories we'll be following later today, including an important anniversary for the nuclear power industry here in the usa. and former president carter is on an overseas trip today. details when we come back.
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intervention in libya and will try to come up with a federal budget as well. one report says that democrats will propose another $20 billion in cuts, to reach a deal with republicans and avoid a government shutdow at> workers devastated nuclear power plant are racing to pump hundreds of tons of contaminated water from the damaged reactor. the radioactive water is leaking into the soil and seawater. today is actually the 32nd anniversary of the accident at three mile island nuclear power plant in pennsylvania. that's the worst nuclear disaster in american history. former president jimmy carter arrives in cuba today for a three-day visit. he's expected to meet with president raul castro. to try to intervene on behalf of an american contractor recently sentenced to 15 years in prison. and we could find out who is holding the sole winning ticket to that staggering mega million jackpot. there's word that seven state
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and what is expected in the barry bonds perjury trial that could offer highly personal and very embarrassing testimony about the king. mike has a look at the forecast. >> good to heading back to work but better . and finally this morning, chilling out with some cool tunes. >> spring may be in the air here in the u.s., but across the globe, they're counting on everything to be frozen solid.
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jeffrey kofman is in norway for a frosty festival that is bring something music to our ears. >> reporter: this is the sound of winter. the guitar. the chimes. the icicles. a wintry relative of the xylopho xylophone. and a handful and footful of écécécécécécécécécécécécécécécé
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>> that's what's making news in amerer


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